Thinking about visiting Calvary?
When you go to a new place for the first time it's nice to know what to expect!

We have two Sunday morning service times – pick the one that best fits you.

9:00 AM  I  10:20 AM

Masks are required until 10:05 am and optional after 10:05



765.463.2622 | DIRECTIONS


Here are a few tips for your first visit:

  • Dress up or dress's up to you. You'll see people in jeans and people in a tie. What you wear on the outside doesn't really matter, just be yourself.
  • Come a little early, especially if you have kids. There will be someone at the door who can help you find your way around. Our Children's Welcome Team will help you get your kids safely signed into their classes.
  • If you are the kind of person who likes to have a coffee in your hand at all times, you don't need to stop and get your java on the way. We have a self-serve coffee bar where you can doctor up a yummy coffee or grab a cold drink – and it's no problem to bring them into service with you!
  • Looking for a Sunday School class? At Calvary we have many small groups and some of them meet on Sunday mornings. If you want to try a small group or class, our volunteers are there to help.
  • ...and don't forget to stop by the "First Time" table in our lobby to meet us and ask any questions you have about Calvary.

If you have other questions before you come, just call our church office. We'd love to talk to you. We want you to feel at home. We're ready to welcome you just as you are.