Our mission is to make followers who  make followers of Jesus.

  A follower is someone who understands that they need  Jesus and is taking steps to look more like Him.

We have 4 simple followers statements.  These statements help us know if our discipleship pathway is helping  people to put into practice what it looks like to be a followers of Jesus. 

#1. Followers Follow Jesus. 

Our desire is to know think like Jesus, act like Jesus, and love like Jesus.

#2. Followers Share What They Know.

We don't have to know everything to be able to tell someone about Jesus, or to invite them to church. As we learn more, we can share more, but every follower has something to share. 

#3. Followers Serve God and Others.

Every follower of Jesus has gifts and is an important part of the church. We want to use those gift to honor God and serve in the church, in our community, and around our world. 

#4. Followers Give Sacrificially.

As followers, we want to give our time, money, resources and talents to build up the Kingdom of God.